Cambion Characters

Cambion PC’s are created using the following system:


Strength: 1d3+17
Dexterity: 1d6+14
Constitution: 1d4+14
Intelligence: 1d6+12
Wisdom: 1d6+12
Charisma: 2d12

Hit Dice and Benefits

Hit Dice: 6d8 + (6*Con)
Feats: 3
Skill Points: (8+Int)*9

Racial Bonuses

Bonus Feats: None
Spell-Like Abilities:
At Will: Detect Magic, Fear (Touch), Darkness, Teleport.
Three Times Per Day: Polymorph Self.
Seven Times Per Day: Levitate.
Racial Qualities: Charm Person (if Charisma 18 or more), Never Surprised, +3 Natural Armor, Darkvsion 120’, Cold & Fire Resistance 20, Electricity & Poison Immunity, +6 bonus on Move Silently and Hide checks, +9 bonus on Climb checks.

Cambion Characters

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